The Ugly Artichoke


The Ugly artichoke

My name is Ugly. I was live in small village near the mediterranean sea.  My mother was a big artichoke plant.

I am very appreciated by the humans, they love to eat me. And that for us the artichokes, is very satisfying.

We are many artichokes who compete to be the best in their dishes. They enjoy and we are happy. One day when I grow up, they chose me.   I was very happy.

The humans introduce me in a big box.  A lot of artichoke are toghether with me.

When the farmer took us to the market in a big city. A big man with a very serious face, decided to introduce me in another box.  At that time, I did not know very well what happened, but I was calm. Suddenly the farmer took the box where I was going and returned to the small town where he had left, a few hours before.

I was tired and sad, me an other artichoks came back at home.